Tubo808 Deluxe

Tubo808 Deluxe is a creamy overdrive, with great presence. It’s sound is especially good for genres such as classic rock and blues due to it’s warmth, good sustain and soft action.

Furthermore, it’s two toggle switches provide even more versatility, allowing to choose either a normal or an asymmetrical signal cut; in addition to three different levels of action on the lower frequencies.

Be it to feed a valve amplifier or to accomplish that warm sound on transistorized amplifiers, Tubo808 Deluxe brings the right spice to get, out of the guitar, the sound from the “Rock & Roll greatest” era.



Adjusts output level.


Allows control of treble, delivering a sound with different levels of brightness.


Regulates the saturation level.


Crocante (Crunchy) provides saturation all over the frequency range. It delivers a darker and fuller sound.

Estándar (Standard) this setting provides a classic saturation tone.

Gordo (Fat) this setting delivers saturation from a lower frequency range.


Estándar (Standard) symmetrical signal clipping. Delivers a classic sound.

Asimétrico (Asymmetrical) asymmetrical signal clipping. Provides a more agressive sound.