Stank is an auto wah ideal for those musicians that do not wish to have their foot tied to a “mechanical” wah, and thanks to its design, it takes considerably less real state than the classic wah wah.

Stank features four controls, which makes it one of the most versatile auto wah.

One of its main characteristics is that the effect is activated greatly by the dynamic with which the instrument is executed. This allows to obtain an authentic sound, that with a little practice and play, makes this auto wah, feel like a real wah wah!



Determines the effect’s activation level. This can also be set from the instrument’s volume control.


Controls the effect’s tone.


Regulates the resonance frequency of the filter, giving the effect a narrower or broader spectrum. If “Sensitivity” control is at minimum level, it allows to maintain the filter frequency locked, as if the wah-wah pedal was left in a fixed position.


Controls the effect’s speed. At minimum level, the effect is perceived on each note played. As it increases, the action becomes more relaxed.