Doctordrive 2

Doctordrive 2 emulates the saturation of classic 18w tube combo amps. It can be used both to push and highlight tube amplifiers, and to obtain a warmer saturation, typical of valve amplifiers, on transistorized systems. The gain control is generous, allowing at the higher levels to obtain a more fuzzed sound.

Doctordrive 2 boasts a transparent audio and is profuse in harmonics. Among its virtues, there is its great dynamic response, and a broad control over the tone.
With a soft pick, the sound is clean, with a hard one, it gains firmness and texture.



Doctordrive 2 can be taken up to 30db.


Allows control of treble, delivering a sound with different levels of brightness.


Controls the saturation level.


Sharp due to a higher treble and notable saturation, it stands out within the mix.

Fat presents a clearer audio and a generous level of headroom, which makes it more suitable to be used as a booster.