As you step on Cheddar’s footswitch, the sound of the guitar turns, in an almost mystical way, into the characteristic sound of vintage audio. It is a delay that resembles the old tape echos, with all it’s typical markings: it smudges the signal in the right way to enforce character and to produce a sound ambiance reminiscent of an antique Ecoplex.

Cheddar presents two considerable advantages: an analogic effect characteristic sound; and, it can be used before or after a distortion pedal, an advantage that puts it over many delays that only develop a good function before these.
Additionally, Cheddar possesses a selector that enables change from a “TRUE” type of bypass, standard in all SONOBOX pedals, to a “TAIL” one. The latter allows, when turning off the effect, to listen to the queue of repetitions softly vanish instead of abruptly silencing them as it would happen in “TRUE” mode.



At minimum level only one repetition is obtained and, increasing towards the maximum level, an infinite feedback is accomplished.


Controls the duration of the repetitions; ranging from 25ms to 450ms (milliseconds).


Controls the maximum volume of the repetitions.


True: In this position once the effect is switched off, the repetitions are abruptly interrupted.

Tail: In this position, as the effect is switched off, the repetitions tail fades naturally.